Dr. Eldor Brish is a veteran physician that currently resides in Austin, Texas. He has spent most of his life living in Austin and graduated second in his class from Westlake High School. In addition, he specializes in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation. Though there is no one definite way to address and cure pain, Dr. Eldor Brish has delved into a plethora of techniques to aid his patients.

Dr. Eldor Brish – Education

Prior to venturing into medical school, Dr. Brish attended his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas System in Austin. There, he passionately studied about zoology and graduated with an impressive 4.0 GPA. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Eldor felt like he wanted to further his academia. He still felt the thirst for knowledge and decided to go into med school. In 2005, he received his medical degree from John Hopkins University School of Medicine and began practicing medicine. He has since been practicing medicine diligently for over 13 years.


Medicine & Helping Others

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Using a wide array of techniques to help alleviate pain for his patients, Dr. Eldor Brish investigates and assists in mapping out pain pathways. His goal is to identify these pain pathways that are hidden in the brain, using functional MRI’s. With a fierce passion and determination to thoroughly understand the field of pain management and anesthesiology, he mastered his trade using indirect clinical methods.

In addition to his methods, his extensive study brought recognition to many of his insights. More specifically, he published his research on topics such as spinal cord simulation for cancer pain, testicular pain, phantom pain, as well as trans-abdominal pain block.

Vowing to always give his maximum in the alleviation of pain for his patients, Dr. Eldor Brish always strives to improve the lives of those around him. This mission, and this vision, has never changed.

“What does it take for a doctor to look into a patient’s eyes and be able to provide relief from chronic pain and unending discomfort?”

“What does it take for a doctor to look at his patient, and know that he cannot stop the pain or suffering?”

“How can a doctor provide patients with answers that won’t always solve the problem?”

-Dr. Eldor Brish

Purpose of this Website

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This website is a place for Dr. Eldor Brish to share his insight into the world of medicine. More specifically, Eldor wishes to share his experiences he has gained throughout his years of practicing medicine. By doing this, he wishes to connect with not just other doctors, but patients as well.

In addition to connecting with others that are interested in learning about and mastering medicine, Eldor Brish MD also wishes to use this website as a place to humbly demonstrate his professional achievements. He has made various appearances in exclusive interviews. More specifically, he discussed his professional journey and the in’s-and-outs of practicing medicine. Furthermore, feature articles have invited him to discuss his life, work-life balance, and his thoughts on shifting careers.