While Dr. Eldor Brish spends his weekdays slaving away at the hospital, helping his patients in whatever way possible, he spends his weekends relaxing. In fact, he believes that one of the best ways to alleviate pain, in a person’s emotional state and psychological state, is to not take stress home. Taking stress home, according to Eldor, is a recipe for disaster, as one can no longer spend quality time with one’s immediate loved ones. Therefore, when he’s done with work on weekdays, or during weekends, Dr. Eldor Brish enjoys taking the time to read about current events. In addition, he enjoys spending some time during a weekend morning to read about latest medical findings and practices. Furthermore, he also enjoys engaging in a little bit of writing. In fact, he has published numerous professional blogs before.

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Dr. Eldor Brish – Blogs on Medium

On Medium, writers all over the world come together and blog about topics of their own choosing. Dr. Brish has also taken an interest to write a few blogs of his own and published them on Medium. In fact, he has covered a few topics. More specifically, he has written a lot on the benefits of reading, fitness, and spending time with family. These activities are ones that he engages on a regular basis in order to maintain work-life balance.

Additionally, Eldor has published a few blogs on spinal cord stimulation for testicular pain, something that he has dealt with extensively as a skilled anesthesiologist. Furthermore, he wrote about phantom limb pain as well as sensations in an intact limb. Though a tough read, it provides tremendous insight on the subject of phantom limbs and the mysteries associated with then. Last but not least, he published a blog voicing his opinions on modern day healthcare and medical consulting.

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Brain Benefits of Reading – Dr. Eldor Brish | Official Website

Reading Has a Wide Range of Health Benefits Reading is a type of mental stimulation that enhances critical thinking, further develops analytical skills and improves concentration. Sustained reading can alleviate stress by up to 68%, significantly improving one’s overall sense of well-being. Current research suggests that reading also has a long-lasting biological effect on the …

How Exercise Fuels Success – Dr. Eldor Brish | Official Website

Regular physical activity can enhance cognitive ability, reduce symptoms of stress, and provide individuals with the competitive edge they need to achieve success. Exercise has long been linked to improved cardiovascular health; however, the link between physical activity and professional achievement is less defined. Research suggests that exercise improves executive functioning which fuels creativity and …

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Testicular Pain – Dr. Eldor Brish | Official Website

Chronic testicular pain is often debilitating and, in some instances, unresponsive to both medical and surgical treatment options. Individuals who do not respond to conservative therapies may need to consider an alternative approach. According to recent studies, physicians have been able to minimize symptoms of chronic testicular pain through the use of spinal cord stimulation …

Phantom Limb Pain – Dr. Eldor Brish | Official Website

What is Phantom Limb Pain? Phantom limb pain (PLP) is the localized pain in the extremity following an amputation. Although there is no formal medical testing to diagnose symptoms, physicians rely ona patient’s history and symptoms to make a presumptive diagnosis. Research suggests that phantom pain originates in the spinal cord and the brain and …

Phantom Limb-Like Pain and Sensations in an Intact Limb

Phantom limb pain is associated with the pain that occurs when an extremity or body part is amputated. When a part of the body is no longer there, many people experience immense pain due to the body’s reaction to severed nerves.

Understanding Phantom Limb Like Pain and Sensations in an Intact Limb

There is a phenomenon known as Phantom Limb Pain in the medical world. This normally happens when there is an amputated limb, but there are also cases where a person can feel this pain in an intact limb. To understand more, Dr. Eldor Brish elaborated on why this happens.

Dr. Eldor Brish on the Often-Overlooked Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is a condition that the vast majority of people do not understand. That is, until they experience an illness or accident that changes their perspective. Pain sciences have undergone an extreme evolution recently. This is why stories about pain from people who lived in past eras are so important to consider and analyze.

Dr. Eldor Brish MD Shares How Chronic Pain Treatments Can Help Maintain Your Fitness Levels

Coping with chronic pain can be a stressful, anxiety producing experience. However, there are ways to manage the pain while at the same time improving your mobility and function. Interventional pain management provides minimally invasive procedures to reduce the debilitating impact of chronic pain on the body while significantly improving mobility.

Dr. Eldor Brish Explains the Chronically Misunderstood Career of Medical Consulting | Pitassi Times

The healthcare industry has several different sectors under its umbrella. One of the sectors that is not well known is Medical Consulting. Dr. Eldor Brish provides an insider perspective on working as a Medical Consultant, as he is currently serving as a consultant for Lonestar State Medical in Texas.