While Dr. Eldor Brish MD spends most of his waking hours dealing with patients, he enjoys spending his off-duty hours engaging in his hobbies. He believes that in order to strike the perfect work-life balance, a person must know when to ‘unplug’. According to Eldor, the ability to unplug, de-stress, recuperate, and come back more ready than ever, is the key to excelling in the work place. As such, Eldor enjoys spending his weekends reading, writing, staying active, and spending time with family.

Reading & Writing

dr. eldor brish md reading at windowAs a doctor, reading and writing are no strangers to Eldor. In fact, he has been doing extensive reading and writing ever since he was pursuing his undergraduate education. In addition, to further his academia and become a doctor, he attended medical school. By then, engaging in extensive and rigorous reading and writing on a daily basis was no longer a chore for him. Instead, it was a welcoming task to help him feel prepared for the day.

Everyday, Eldor Brish MD is required to read through a ton of medical records for his patients. After that, he also spends a lot of time reading medical findings to catch up on the latest discoveries. In order to stay in the loop and remain not only relevant, but also competitive, he has to be well versed in the latest medical discoveries. As such, Dr. Eldor Brish subscribes to various medical publications.

Fitness – Eldor Brish MD

dr. eldor brish md working out with weightsWhile the primary goal of a doctor is to help improve the health of his patients, many doctors actually have poor health. Dr. Eldor Brish knows a lot of his colleagues that have very poor health conditions. Many of them work long hours, often anywhere between 10 to 14 hours per day. In addition to these long hours, a lot of medical practitioners take their work home and continue ‘working’ when they’re at home. Furthermore, when they are working 10 to 14 hours per day in a hospital, many of them have extremely busy and hectic schedules. As a result, a lot of doctors and nurses experience poor health and lack sleep. The lack of sleep is something that Eldor has definitely had to combat with first hand.


In order to tend to his patients’ needs, Dr. Brish believes that having his health taken care of is the first step in being able to help others. As such, Dr. Brish engages in physical activities on a regular basis. More specifically, he wakes up early in the morning, before the sun even rises, to go for his morning jogs. Furthermore, he frequents the gym on a regular basis to lift weights, engage in more cardio, and work on more physical conditioning. Partaking in these rigorous physical activities allows Dr. Brish to fall asleep much easier and feel more accomplished at the end of the day. In addition, these activities allow for Eldor to stay in peak condition at all times, ready to treat his patients.

Family Time

dr. eldor brish md family silhouette sunset beach

The last activity that Eldor Brish MD enjoys spending time on is being surrounded by his family. As a devoted and proud father, Eldor relishes in the moments that he spends with his two young sons. According to him, it is truly a miracle being able to watch his boys grow every single day. Every moment spent with his family is valued, cherished, and remembered for eternity.