As a physician based in Austin, Texas with over 13 years of medical experience, Dr. Eldor Brish has made a wide array of media appearances. In fact, his name is well recognized in the medical world and he is often invited to discuss topics that he specializes in.

Exclusive Interviews

With a ton of knowledge and experience in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, Dr. Brish has appeared on both Inspirery as well as Ideamensch. On these interview platforms, entrepreneurs and business owners are invited to discuss their career. More specifically, they talk about how they started their business and what led them to choose their fields. In addition, interviews often ask these entrepreneurs and industry leaders on their views on latest trends in technology. By discussing trends in technology, readers gain insight on what experts view as potential investment opportunities. Furthermore, on Inspirery and Ideamensch, Dr. Eldor Brish discusses how he maintains work-life balance and what he plans on doing in the future. He goes in-depth to explain the importance of his family and how he chooses to spend off-duty hours with his sons.

Feature Articles

Aside from appearing in exclusive interviews, Dr. Brish has also been invited by various article publications to discuss medical discoveries. Most notably, Patch recently published a feature article on Dr. Brish’s views and insight on spinal cord stimulation and the connection it has with testicular pain. Being a physician based in Austin, Texas, he has dealt with countless patients that have such issues. Moreover, Eldor also expressed his views on the current healthcare industry in the US in a Prague Post article. He discusses that while a lot of people in his life have pessimistic views on healthcare in the states, he believes it will improve for the better. He also expresses his opinions on shifting careers and how excited he is to change gears and become a medical consultant in the near future.

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Dr. Eldor Brish on Healthcare and Consulting | Prague Post

Dr. Eldor Brish is a pain management physician currently residing in Austin, TX. He also works as a consultant for Lone Star State Medical and has attending experience at the East Texas Medical Center and the South Texas Clinic for Pain Management. Before graduating Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dr. Eldor Brish had many other academic…

Eldor Brish, MD – Healthcare Consultant Exclusive Ideamensch Interview

Getting many different perspectives is essential, otherwise you will always be prone to bias. Do not rely on one aspect of the industry for news and updates. What does it take for a man to look into a patient’s eyes and be able to provide relief from chronic pain and constant discomfort?

How Dr. Eldor Brish Overcomes Competition in the Healthcare Consulting Industry – BlogProcess

The healthcare industry is easily one of the largest enterprises in the world. Just consider the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 2.5 million nurses working in the United States. With such statistics, it is probably impossible to calculate how many different niches are active in this market.

How Blockchain Systems Could Revolutionize Healthcare for Professionals Like Dr. Eldor Brish | TechBullion

Although cryptocurrencies are currently on a downward-sloping curve when it comes to their values, the underlying blockchain technology is growing relentlessly. This is because the technology itself has very little to do with the actual market of digital coins. On the contrary, blockchain systems are an invention that will be beneficial to the world even …

Dr. Eldor Brish | Exclusive Inspirery Interview for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Eldor Brish is a physician based in Austin, Texas who specializes in Pain Medicine, and Anesthesiology. He has lived in Austin for the majority of his life and graduated second in his class from Westlake High School.

Introduction to Phantom Limb Pain with Dr. Eldor Brish

According to the latest statistics, the population of amputees in the United States exceeds two million people and disproportionately affects the veteran community. Given the current growth rates, that number is expected to further increase to 3.6 million by 2050. These numbers showcase a pattern which could soon imply that one in every ten people is an amputee.

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