How Exercise Fuels Success

How Exercise Fuels Success

Regular physical activity can enhance cognitive ability, reduce symptoms of stress, and provide individuals with the competitive edge they need to achieve success. Exercise has long been linked to improved cardiovascular health; however, the link between physical activity and professional achievement is less defined. Research suggests that exercise improves executive functioning which fuels creativity and increases one’s productivity at work. Dr. Eldor Brish – a medical professional residing in Austin, Texas, claims that incorporating physical activity into his everyday routine heightens his awareness and elevates his overall state-of-mind in preparation for the day. Ultimately, exercise boosts confidence and improves mental functioning so one can put their best foot forward. Dr. Eldor Brish outlines some of the key advantages of incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine.

  1. A Competitive Edge & Increased Discipline

Taking the time to implement an exercise regime, will enable individuals to develop productive habits. Discipline is a vital component to success, and exercise presents a constant opportunity to challenge oneself. Working hard outside of the office will provide individuals with a competitive advantage as they work to overcome a series of obstacles. Physical activity requires willpower and overcoming physical goals may encourage one to meet their professional endeavors.

  1.  Enhanced Mental Focus

Finding ways to improve physically also leads to an increase in one’s overall productivity at work. Research suggests that every 90 minutes of high mental activity requires approximately 15 minutes of recovery time. Taking the time hit the gym before or after work or at lunch and incorporating micro-exercises into one’s daily schedule leads to sharper focus and improved mental reasoning.

  1. Combats Stress & Anxiety

Stress can have a damaging effect on the human body, so it is imperative that working professionals find ways to manage it before it affects their physical and mental performance. Exercise produces the neurochemical endorphins which increases positivity and one’s overall state of well-being. Dr. Eldor Brish begins his day with a three to four-mile jog or heads to the gym to lift weights. He claims that exercise is a proactive means to start the day off right and provides him with the energy and motivation he needs at work.

  1. Improved Confidence & Self Esteem

Lastly, exercise is an essential tool that can be used to increase feelings of confidence. Physical activity provides a sense of achievement – fueling individuals with the motivation to excel further. Choosing an activity one enjoys, will increase the likelihood of them incorporating exercise into their daily schedule.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Dr. Eldor Brish states that a combination of moderate and high-intensity activity will provide working professionals with both the discipline and motivation to achieve their career goals. Whether it is a 30-minute run or a long gym session, physical activity can push one to be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Eldor Brish

Residing in Austin, TX, Dr. Eldor Brish is a trained physician with knowledge and expertise in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation. With a profound medical background and over 13 years of professional experience, he is always exploring new adventures.